importing a classic car from europe

Importing Goods to U.S.A

To bring imported goods into the U.S. can be a political nightmare. There is some news of horror stories of outrageous duties being charged, goods being confiscated and more. To avoid this kind of problem you need to have a good paper to presents. For example, you need to have to know the process of importing a classic car from Europe. Before you buy a car from other countries you need to have an in U.S. import laws cars. So that you will not experience the nightmare you don’t want to happen to you. Here is some information on the requirements for the imports products you want to bring into the U.S. property.


The first thing you need to do is to classify your product. If you will importing sensitive good such as plants, animal or dairy products, medications. As well as trademarked materials you do not need a license. With that, you need a business tax number, that you can get through the IRS. You need this to fill in on your paperwork that request for an importer number. There are two ways to process your import products. You need to file the necessary documents to have your products released. Also, you have to file additional documents for duty assessment. You both can file these online.

What are the Customs Officials looking for when they examine the shipments?

The value of the goods

If the goods mark with their country of origin or other information.

If the shipment contains prohibited articles.

When the goods have an incorrect invoice.

When the goods are in excess of the invoiced quantities, or if there is a shortfall.

Then if you want to have an ASAP to receive your goods. There are other requirements that needed to pass in the customs officials. For more information on how to get an import license in the USA visit the U.S website.

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